Achievements - Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

List of achievements updated for So Many Ducks DLC, specifying which DLC is required and providing additional help.Also available in Traditional Chinese

Note About Multiplayer
Considering that other players may have unlocked more ducks than you have, it may be quicker to unlock any remaining achievements by joining a multiplayer room with other players.

The only limitation is that Quacking the Ice and Hippospace Download achievements are not available to unlock this way, considering that Infinity Cool is currently the only available map.
Base Game
Idle Unlocks
    Three is company
    Get a third rubber duck

Get the third duck.

    Private pool
    The slide is cool, I am cooler

Infinity Cool. Have a duck go down the slide to the smaller pool.

    Going up to the top with the elevator

Infinity Cool. Have a duck go up the elevator (pipe).

    Make a wish
    What else could I possibly want?

Watch a shooting star go by.

    Catch a flight
    No ticket needed, I'm not going anywhere

Watch a plane fly by.

    Family pond (Hidden)
    Just me and the ducklings

Wait for baby ducks to randomly spawn around momma (the base duck).

    Cruise ship
    A fun thing I'll never do again

Infinity Cool. Watch a cruise ship go by in the distance.

    Ducks adrift
    Around the world

Infinity Cool. Watch a flock of ducks float by in the distance.

    Way to the shore (Hidden)
    Gone exploring, I'll be right back

Have a duck escape into the distance.

    Duck invasion
    Get a twentieth rubber duck

Get the twentieth duck.

    On fire
    I'm a torch but life goes on

Have a flammable duck be burnt by any means (colliding with another burning duck, be burnt by incoming flames).

    Aliens abducted me, I'll send a postcard

Infinity Cool. Have a cow duck be abducted by alien ducks.

    Watery help
    The fire is under control

Have a duck that's up in flames be extinguished by a duck that shoots a stream of water.

    That's all, ducks!
    Get all the ducks, enjoy life

Get all ducks from the base collection.

    Floatpiercer (Hidden)
    Go to sleep with the fishes

Infinity Cool. Have the pink flamingo move towards (or into) the pool from the storm/wind and get pierced by a duck with any sharp objects or parts.

Action Required
    Putting challenge (Hidden)
    Ball is in: Pool

Infinity Cool. Spectate any duck that sinks to the bottom of the pool, you will find a golf ball just below the spawn point.
Ducks, Please DLC
Idle Unlocks
    Magnetic feel
    You make me feel like I am whole again

Have two opposing magnet ducks connect together.

    Celebrate good times

Have the firecracker (firework) duck launch into the sky and explode.

    I just want to be around you

Have the flower duck bloom after rain/snow, then wait for the bee duck to come close and fly (float) around it.

Action Required
Quacking the Ice DLC
Idle Unlocks
    Quacking the ice
    Enough floating, let’s skate

Have any duck go down the slide into the frozen hockey pond.

    Up we go again

Have any duck go up the funicular and splash back into the pool.

    Hot tub
    How warm and cozy up here

Have a burning duck light up the fireplace in the pool.

    Off-piste ski (Hidden)
    Back at the lodge with my friends

Have the woodpecker peck the frozen duck off of the tree branch.

Action Required
    Scoring challenge (Hidden)
    Puck is in: Goal

While scoring the goal requires no action from the player, reportedly the achievement only unlocks if the camera is in proximity of the puck.

    Campfire simulator (Hidden)
    I like playing in the outer wilds

When a propeller hat duck flies out into the distance, use the binoculars to observe it at a campfire on a distant mountain.
Duck Addiction DLC
Idle Unlocks
    Sailin' on
    So I'm sailing, yeah, I'm sailing on

Have the ship in a bottle duck be destroyed by an exploding minion from the toy duck and have the ship set free.

Action Required
    Paranormal activity (Hidden)
    What does a scanner see?

While in cyborg duck's view, scan a ghost duck floating by. Note that the required action is to switch to cyborg duck's view, the achievement otherwise plays by itself.

    Hide and Seek
    I'm the keeper of the secret art

Find all ninja duck's hiding spots, in any order, at least once (on either map, not both), by clicking on it.
Hippospace Download DLC
Initial instructions are courtesy of John Travoltage.

Idle Unlocks
    Milk Away
    Successful experiment

Have the UFOs drop five cow ducks into the cow-patterned funnel and watch as an "experiment" is done.

    0 gravity
    Never felt so light

Have a duck sink to the bottom right after it's released, entering the red teleporter, teleporting into the gravity-free flask.

    Willy in orbit (Hidden)
    Our friend's heading home

Have any duck reach the teleporter inside the large dome area, which releases the astronaut duck.

Action Required
    Is that all it does?

Launch a duck using the duck launcher robot.
So Many Ducks DLC
Initial instructions are courtesy of Skro.

Idle Unlocks
    Project BFD
    Unlock the big jelly

Have the red, green and blue jelly ducks collide with each other and merge into a big white jelly duck.

Action Required
    It's mining crypto!
    Get the miner to 100%

Get the crypto duck progress bar to 100%. It is necessary to spectate the duck for the progress to go up.

    Play the game
    You finally control a duck

Have the thief duck steal a coin from the piggy bank duck and place it onto the arcade cabinet duck, then interact with the arcade cabinet duck to insert the coin and play the game.

    Annoying parrot (Hidden)
    Listen to all the phrases

Quack the parrot duck and have it make all 12 unique sounds (4 of them learned by default). New sounds unlock every 10 minutes and the progress isn't saved when exiting the game or leaving to main menu. It's sufficient to leave the duck floating for 1:20h, then quacking it a couple of times.

Sounds (some are in Italian, bold: default):
  1. Ah no-no (?)
  2. (Confused grunt) Aaa-ooh?
  3. Bella bah-ts (?)
  4. Bah-goo-vill-yo (?)
  5. Yip-yip (?) pappagallo (parrot) (?)
  6. Auw!
  7. Coo!
  8. Nuh-uh!
  9. (Lower pitch) Nuh-uh!
  10. Nocto (night)
  11. Hey, what's the problem? (?)
  12. Bah-tah para-zero (?)

There is a, presumably, unused property "soundDetectionRadius" of value 15.0 that may indicate that the sounds were meant to be learned by listening to the environment, but proximity to ducks and other sound sources made no difference from testing.
Hide and Seek Hiding Spots (Infinity Cool)

Behind a tree

On the structure, above the safe door

Behind the beach ball

Under the chair

Under the slide

On the sand patch
Hide and Seek Hiding Spots (Quacking the Ice)
Screenshots are courtesy of the original author.

On the fireplace

On the snowman

By the sign

Inside the small circular table

In the birch tree

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