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  1. New static art page

    I created a simple, static page generator for showing off art I have gotten over the years. No JavaScript, cloud, CDNs involved.

    You can find it on

    So, what went into it?

    First, image tagging. Using EXIF tags, I avoided having to somehow store data about images …

  2. YOLO — Migration announcement (Updated)

    The migration is done. From a short amount of testing, everything appears to work again.

    What happened

    A couple of hours of downtime.

    What was done

    Moving everything from the VPS to my own hardware (Raspberry Pi 5).

    What has changed


    • Less reliance on external services ("the cloud")
    • More …
  3. Flashbang Out!

    WOW...! What kind of a crazy light mode person am I? What is this? (Read on, there's a solution for this.)

    This is an announcement. I just did a long overdue CSS update to my blog!

    If you are seeing more white than on a cold, snowy day, it means …

  4. Enabling SSH if only the filesystem is available

    AKA you are trying to install Raspberry Pi OS Lite headlessly, yet someone didn't include the service file responsible for enabling SSH.

    1. Mount the medium:
      # Find which device corresponds to the card:
      # Make a mount point:
      mkdir /mnt/ext01
      # Mount, use device ID from earlier:
      mount /dev/<device> /mnt …
  5. Boneworks on Linux

    Quick reference for some issues that can occur while playing Boneworks on Linux, using SteamVR and Proton.


    While this guide can help eliminate issues in Boneworks specifically, it is best that you read any of these universal guides first, in order to get familiar with PC VR and quirks …

  6. GTA Connected (GTAIV) on Linux

    Get the multiplayer mod up and running on Proton/Wine.

    The Problem

    Windows game mods aren't as straightforward on Linux, but luckily, it's only a matter of a few more steps in place of the usual process.

    Update: Fixed! However, currently there is a bigger issue. Even though GTA Connected …

  7. DUSK: Find Progress of “Don't Drop It” & “True 100%”

    Getting progress of the lengthiest achievements in just a few steps, no guesswork needed.


    True 100%

    Earn the 'Completionist' award in every level

    Don't Drop It

    Pick up a bar of soap in each level

    Getting Progress Data

    Progress is stored as Steam game statistic data, which can be …

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