Flashbang Out!

WOW...! What kind of a crazy light mode person am I? What is this? (Read on, there's a solution for this.)

This is an announcement. I just did a long overdue CSS update to my blog!

If you are seeing more white than on a cold, snowy day, it means your browser's colour theme preference is set to "light". If you like it like this, perfect! I did this for you, too.

However, if you live in a dark environment surrounded by bats and hold your laptop on stalagmite... errr, prefer dark mode, you might want to check your browser's settings. It should automatically make this and many other pages become dark without any addons.

The best part about this is that this requires no JavaScript!

And, overall, I feel like the theme looks much better on both light and dark mode.

Enjoy the visual upgrades!