Articles in the Meta category

  1. New static art page

    I created a simple, static page generator for showing off art I have gotten over the years. No JavaScript, cloud, CDNs involved.

    You can find it on

    So, what went into it?

    First, image tagging. Using EXIF tags, I avoided having to somehow store data about images …

  2. YOLO — Migration announcement (Updated)

    The migration is done. From a short amount of testing, everything appears to work again.

    What happened

    A couple of hours of downtime.

    What was done

    Moving everything from the VPS to my own hardware (Raspberry Pi 5).

    What has changed


    • Less reliance on external services ("the cloud")
    • More …
  3. Flashbang Out!

    WOW...! What kind of a crazy light mode person am I? What is this? (Read on, there's a solution for this.)

    This is an announcement. I just did a long overdue CSS update to my blog!

    If you are seeing more white than on a cold, snowy day, it means …

  4. DisgusTech announcement

    I will soon begin posting in this new category. The content will be about disgusting tech -- technology implementations that violate user privacy, freedom, or simply products that should be avoided for the same, and perhaps similar reasons.

    Whether it's a free service that challenges loose laws, an anti-consumer scheme, or …

  5. Problems

    With a blog like this, I have a chance to talk about some of the issues I've been having lately. However, there are obviously some more personal things I shouldn't mention, so it's possible that context is lacking.

    But what issues are you having?

    Well, for one, my laptop charger …

  6. Hello World

    OvO pelican powers--

    Erm, hello there! I find first articles like this a little unnecessary, but here it is. I wonder how long this blog will stay up considering I never wrote anything before! derp