With a blog like this, I have a chance to talk about some of the issues I've been having lately. However, there are obviously some more personal things I shouldn't mention, so it's possible that context is lacking.

But what issues are you having?

Well, for one, my laptop charger has died, I am yet to receive a replacement one. I feel horrible having to wait for it to arrive as... well, my laptop is near useless now. And it was costly.
Edit: finally, the wait is over!

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

Okay. Another issue I've been having for months is that I got attached to a certain sergal character... then a different one... and not being able to be either one of them hurts. If you're curious who they are, look around more closely. I tried to adjust my character to be more what I like, them being pretty much ideal, and well... more often than not, I ended up making the same character again. I don't know any more.

Are you really that incompetent?

Well... yes. However, I don't suppose anyone dealing with depression couldn't admit they had love issues. Same here. I don't know how this shit works. If I do get far enough, how can I stay loyal? What do I do? How do I express the love I had for them? How do I find someone?

Cry more.

This voice inside my head -- or, really, this article -- doesn't really sound any more positive about this than myself. I feel helpless, to be honest.

Cute problems, huh?

I must really hate myself for the internal dialogue to be so mean.


Oh well.