YOLO — Migration announcement (Updated)

Table of Contents

The migration is done. From a short amount of testing, everything appears to work again.

What happened

A couple of hours of downtime.

What was done

Moving everything from the VPS to my own hardware (Raspberry Pi 5).

What has changed



How uptime is effected

No static IPv4 address is provided. The ISP re-assigns addresses from their many ranges every day, at a random point in time.

Due to the circumstances, and how I took care of the issue, there will be daily downtimes at an unknown part of the day, ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes.

The downtimes could take longer, either because the ISP is down, the DNS I use is unresponsive, the automatic updates I set up failed, DNS caching on your DNS or your own end is set up incorrectly, or any combination of the above.

Final words

I hope this was not excessively disruptive (everything was offline for about 3 hours...), but it has been planned for many months. I may regret it, crawl my way back to using a VPS, and use my Pi exclusively for game servers. Only time will tell.

I never asked for donations, and I don't really have means of receiving them. While I still don't expect to be rewarded for my hobby, I nonetheless greatly appreciate any kind of verbal support, or help along the way.