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  1. GTA: CTW - Sniper Rifle Challenge

    Visual guide for maximising points in the Liberty City Gun Club Sniper Rifle Challenge by shooting targets in order.


    This guide is meant to help in getting the gold medal for the final challenge. The biggest issue is the ambiguous order of targets, which this guide makes easier to …

  2. Steam Client Downgrades & Survival Kit

    Whether the latest update broke something, or your OS is no longer supported, there are only a few things you need to do to be fully prepared for the worst!

    Current Situation

    Valve changed their mind and decided against making the client inoperable for old OSes!

    Old wording:

    After [January …

  3. Interior Worlds Achievements

    Categorised list of achievements with tips and useful information.

    Normal Progression

    Down The Rabbit Hole

    Complete the prologue.

    Lost Your Keys

    Complete the Parking Garage.

    Midnight Train

    Complete the Metro.

    Flight Delayed

    Complete the Airport.

    Checking Out

    Complete the Hotel.

    Wrong Neighborhood

    Complete the Suburb.

    Late Night Showing

    Complete the …
  4. Opening the Door - Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

    Right on the marble wall, a few feet away from you, a box-like device had made its appearance. Upon further examination, you could determine it was an electronic keypad lock. Some kind of testing was clearly going on while the pool was supposed to be empty.That’s when you knew it could be done.Also available in Russian
  5. Ballistic Zen Collectable Map

    World Map and Introduction

    World map

    Ballistic Zen has 3 types of collectables:

    • Common (3 Respect)
    • Rare/Basic (10 Respect)
    • Hidden (20 Respect)

    In this guide, under the section of each region, there is a table that contains IDs of collectables as they are saved in the save file (Saved column). This …

  6. Bypass Game Updates - Steam

    A few methods for reliably playing old Steam game versions and playing outdated games without Internet access.

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