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  1. Bypass Games Updates: Archive - Steam

    The obsolete method of working around Steam's Offline Mode forcing games to be updated.It no longer does that, but this is kept for reference to be used on old Steam Client versions.
  2. Source Engine Font Fixes (Linux)

    Fixing unsupported characters and incorrect font sizes for Linux versions of Source games. GameBanana TF2 mod page


    It is recommended that Windows fonts are installed before following the other instructions in this guide. Doing so also ensures the fallback DejaVu Sans (which is drawn way too small) is not …

  3. DisgusTech announcement

    I will soon begin posting in this new category. The content will be about disgusting tech -- technology implementations that violate user privacy, freedom, or simply products that should be avoided for the same, and perhaps similar reasons.

    Whether it's a free service that challenges loose laws, an anti-consumer scheme, or …

  4. Problems

    With a blog like this, I have a chance to talk about some of the issues I've been having lately. However, there are obviously some more personal things I shouldn't mention, so it's possible that context is lacking.

    But what issues are you having?

    Well, for one, my laptop charger …

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