Interior Worlds Achievements

Table of Contents

Categorised list of achievements with tips and useful information.

Normal Progression

Down The Rabbit Hole

Complete the prologue.

Lost Your Keys

Complete the Parking Garage.

Midnight Train

Complete the Metro.

Flight Delayed

Complete the Airport.

Checking Out

Complete the Hotel.

Wrong Neighborhood

Complete the Suburb.

Late Night Showing

Complete the Theater.

Class Graduation

Complete the School.

Lost in the Woods

Complete the Forest.

Dead Consumerism

Complete the Mall.


Finish the journey.

Taking Photographs

From start to finish, unlocking every photography achievement could take an hour or so. By playing the game normally and taking other photographs here and there, you may already be half-way. Track your progress in the pause menu.

Don't forget to remove all unnecessary photographs afterwards. The fastest way to do so is to expand any photograph and press open containing folder., then selecting and deleting all unnecessary entries.


Take 50 photographs.


Take 100 photographs.


Take 500 photographs.


Take 1000 photographs.

Level Secrets

Look Both Ways (Hidden)

Look Both Ways (Hidden)

Wandered into traffic.

Prologue. Get ran over by a car.

Let There Be Light (Hidden)

Let There Be Light (Hidden)

Obtain the optional flashlight.

Garage. In the back of your car, there is a flashlight that can be picked up. Take it.

Neighborly Stranger (Hidden)

Neighborly Stranger (Hidden)

Meet the kind fellow down the street.

Suburb. Press all 4 glowing green dorbells. Ringing them causes the interior of the house to glow green. Finally, knock the door of a house that glows green, but has no doorbell.

Film Collector (Hidden)

Film Collector (Hidden)

Start each theater projector.

Theater. Start every projector which can be switched on by pressing 4 buttons.

Yellow Wallpaper (Hidden)

Yellow Wallpaper (Hidden)

Escape the complex.

School. In the room which unlocks with the red key, containing the blue key, on the back of it, there is a wall with blood stain on it. It is a hole in the world, enter it.

Pointing towards the bloody wall

After falling out of the world, you will appear in a maze. This is a partial layout, in case you get lost:

Maze layout

The achievement unlocks once you fall out of the maze.

The One Shroom (Hidden)

The One Shroom (Hidden)

Complete the VineQuest minigame.

Mall. The minigame is unlocked by entering Vine Arcade and interacting with the arcade cabinet inside. Refer to Vine Arcade achievement help to get there.

Once unlocked, a new main menu entry vinequest. will appear. Use it to play the minigame.

The achievement unlocks once you complete the minigame.

You Found Me! (Hidden)

You Found Me! (Hidden)

Find the developer's room.

Museum. After taking all photo ops, a white key will appear on the counter. Use it on the door with a white padlock.

Locked Doors

There are locked doors in some of the maps. Unlock codes are written on newspapers hidden on other maps along with text that hints on which map they are to be used.

Lemonal Space (Hidden)

Lemonal Space (Hidden)

Find the hidden party room.

Code hidden in Hotel: 738025. Unlocked in Garage. Thanks Notsew.

Door hidden in plain sight
Spraytagged (Hidden)

Spraytagged (Hidden)

Find the hidden graffiti room.

Code hidden in School: 040723. Unlocked in Metro. Thanks voso.

Another door hidden in plain sight
Prest-O Change-O (Hidden)

Prest-O Change-O (Hidden)

Find a curious room.

Code hidden in Mall: 011323. Unlocked in Hotel (upstairs). Thanks Nomnom.

Tilted painting
Nostalgic Dreams (Hidden)

Nostalgic Dreams (Hidden)

Navigate a strangely familiar maze.

Code hidden in Forest: 812294. Unlocked in Forest (behind the door with a black padlock).

Locked-off tunnel

The solution may not be immediately obvious given that the keypad numbers and hidden pages use symbols. However, the error code displayed when the wrong code is entered does not contribute to the puzzle.


The achievement unlocks once you solve the maze.

Pizza Rats (Hidden)

Pizza Rats (Hidden)

Find the rat room.

Code hidden in Forest: 553750. Unlocked in Forest (behind the door with a white padlock).

Door next to light switches
Vine Arcade (Hidden)

Vine Arcade (Hidden)

Find the hidden Vinesauce arcade room.

Code hidden in Garage: 051285. Unlocked in Mall. Thanks the amazing phlog.

Path to hidden room in p.h.y.e. arcade

Hidden Anomalies

Conspiracy Report (Hidden)

Conspiracy Report (Hidden)

Find all hidden anomalies.

Take photographs of each hidden anomaly. Track your progress in the pause menu and the gallery.

For some help, refer to GreenoSylveon's "All Alien Locations - No Location Spoilers" guide.

Conspiracy Report unlocks Museum, where all other related achievements are obtained.

Museum Gallery (Hidden)
Complete the Museum.
Club Liminal (Hidden)

Club Liminal (Hidden)

Obtain the game's secret ending.
Cryptid Hunter (Hidden)

Cryptid Hunter (Hidden)

Complete the secret dream sequence.

After the credits of the secret ending, press the cryptid hunter. button in the lower right corner. If you miss it, it is possible to play Cryptid Hunter from map selection screen, the Minigame map. The achievement is unlocked if you win the minigame.

Other Collectables

Filter Fanatic (Hidden)

Filter Fanatic (Hidden)

Find all hidden camera filters.

WIP: Link to a separate guide.

Hidden camera filters can be found in every level except Prologue. Getting near one will provide a visual hint.

A guide detailing all the locations will be added here as soon as one is made.

Analog Horror (Hidden)

Analog Horror (Hidden)

Find all hidden VHS tapes.

WIP: Link to a separate guide.

Hidden VHS tapes can be found in every level except Museum and Minigame (Cryptid Hunter) and need to be brought to a hidden TV with a VHS player. Getting near a tape, but not a TV will provide a visual hint.

A guide detailing all the locations will be added here as soon as one is made.