Opening the Door - Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

Right on the marble wall, a few feet away from you, a box-like device had made its appearance. Upon further examination, you could determine it was an electronic keypad lock. Some kind of testing was clearly going on while the pool was supposed to be empty.That’s when you knew it could be done.Also available in Russian

Finding the code involves giving two ducks specific names:

Psychedelic Duck
Black and White Duck

This guide goes over how you can find the names yourself!
Psychedelic Duck Name
Load up Quacking the Ice and wait for the curtain to slowly open. There are paintings on the wall, you can switch the view to better observe them. One of them is replaced with a suspicious looking piece of paper that's got lots of jumbled text and some numbers printed on it.

Painting display
Perhaps you should give names to some of these ducks?

If you do not own Quacking the Ice DLC, hover over the spoiler area below to reveal what's printed on it:
ALT + 76 83 68 105 110 97

The numbers are ASCII character codes.

On Windows, they can be entered by holding Alt, then entering the number combination for each character separately. No manual conversion needed.

On other OSes, either look for the equivalent function, or convert the ASCII codes manually by reading the Dec and Char columns from this table (obtained from

ASCII code table

Finally, depending on your method, enter the duck name in the Collection menu, and viewing in the pool, the duck should now have the first part of the code as its name.

Psychedelic duck with a code
Radio static noises
Black and White Duck Name
At Infinity Cool, switch your view to the radio and tune in to 97.0 FM using zoom controls.

If that isn't possible, the ability hasn't unlocked for you yet, because you need to name the psychedelic duck first.

Radio tuned to 97.0 FM

Listen for Morse code (same word repeated 3 times), convert it using this chart:

Morse code chart

Finally, enter the duck name in the Collection menu, and viewing in the pool, the duck should now have the second part of the code as its name.

Black and white duck with a code
Unlocking the Door
Finally, change your view to the door, you will be prompted with a keypad. Enter the code you've just assembled, and the door will open!

Unlocking the door
Note that the code is randomised

What now, you might wonder?

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