DUSK: Find Progress of “Don't Drop It” & “True 100%”

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Getting progress of the lengthiest achievements in just a few steps, no guesswork needed.


True 100%

Earn the 'Completionist' award in every level

Don't Drop It

Pick up a bar of soap in each level

Getting Progress Data

Progress is stored as Steam game statistic data, which can be read using special software. In the case of "True 100%", it is possible to tell according to statistics in the level select screen, but "Don't Drop It" progress is nowhere to be seen in the game.

In order to obtain the data:

  1. Obtain the software (both have the same interface)
  2. Pick DUSK from the game list
  3. Select the Statistics tab
  4. Note the values of each ep?_completion and ep?_soap value

Converting the Data

Level progress is stored as 12 bits of binary data (LSb on the right) converted to decimal.

In order to get the binary data:

  1. Start the calculator application of your choice (ex. Windows Calculator, Qalculate!)
  2. Convert each noted number to binary (conversion is usually featured in "programmer mode" of calculators)

    Example: If one of the values is 2248, it converts to 1000 1100 1000

  3. Repeat this for each episode and context

Using the Data

Now that you have the 1s and 0s, here's how you can use them.

The numbers representing each episode correspond, from left to right, to whether the objective in the level has been cleared, meaning that each 1 corresponds to a cleared level, and each 0 to a level that needs attention.

Visual explanation:

1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0  0
  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓  ↓
X 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 S

From the left, the 1st bit corresponds to nothing (X), and the 12th bit corresponds to the secret level (S).

Here is an example of how this data can be organised:

               123 4567 890S
ep1_soap 3272 1100 1100 1000
ep2_soap 2056 1000 0000 1000
ep3_soap 3082 1100 0000 1010

Protip: 4095 corresponds to all 1s, which means you cleared all levels in the episode.